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Driving by the Beautiful Roxbury Connecticut Congressional Masjid on a Sunday Morning, the feeling of Light came upon me.

Wanting to go inside, this Historic Masjid along with More Than a Million Places of Worship World Wide Are Closed, Losing Billions in Donations because of the Pandemic.

The Day before, my Partner and I were Sharing Our “Why” for Working & Life and We Agreed That Our Purpose is leave the Earth Spiritually Richer by Helping Houses of God.

Fast Forwarding to the Next Day was an Awakening, Realizing the Spiritual Light from the Empty Roxbury CT Masjid was a Call for Help and that We Can Do Our Best to Save these Spiritual Sanctuaries

Having Studied Both Religion & Technology For Years, the Idea to Help Masjids With Crypto Tokens Was One of the Most Exciting Blessings.

Crypto Tokens (Smart Contracts & Digital Art (NFTs) Have Been Raising Billions, Fueling Both Interest & Investments into Projects such as BitCoin.

With Our Love for Technology & God, We Are Launching Muslim Token (MuslimToken.com) to Donate 10,000 Crypto Tokens (NFTs) to 10,000 Masjids to Exchage with Their Members For Donations.

My Partner Said it Best, the Muslim Tokens are Virtual Cupcakes, Rather than the Masjids Having Bake Sales For Donations, They Can Exchange the Muslim Tokens For Fundraising.